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Stornhotel Formula Partner Plus, signed by ERGO Travel Insurance, is an innovative service that allows the customer to insure against cancellation penalties, late arrival or interruption of the stay.

The policy intervenes in the event of:

  • disease, coverage for Covid-19 and also for quarantine
  • dismissal, layoffs, mobility, hiring
  • appointment or summons of the insured person as juror, witness or popular justice of the peace
  • extraordinary and unpredictable material damage to the home that requires the presence of the person concerned
  • theft of identity documents necessary for expatriation occurring in the 5 days prior to the departure date
  • inability to reach the place of departure due to an accident or breakdown along the way
  • pathologies of pregnancy

The insurance coverage can be activated for all citizens residing in the European Union and the EEA.


Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary.

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The insurance provides for the reimbursement of the deposit and the cancellation penalty in favor of the insured, if already paid, or for the direct payment of the penalties to the accommodation facility in the event that the amount is due but has not yet been paid.
The refund to the customer is made net of the deductible, if due. For more information on the deductible, see the following FAQ.
In case of interruption of the holiday, the structure is not required to pay any refund. The insurance will reimburse the customer for the part of the stay not used.


Total amount of the holiday: € 1.000
Deposit 30%: € 300

In case of cancellation:

Up to the 30th day: 30% deposit € 300
The structure collects the deposit from the customer (€ 300)
The insurance reimburses the customer (€ 300 – deductible 10%* = € 270)

From the 29th to the 15th day: 75% € 750 (€ 300+ € 450)
The structure collects the deposit from the customer (€ 300)
The insurance pays the penalty to the structure (€ 450)<
The insurance reimburses the customer the deposit (€ 300 – deductible 10% * = € 225)

From the 14th day to the day of arrival: 100% € 1.000 (€ 300 + € 700)
The structure collects the deposit from the customer (€ 300)
The insurance pays the penalty to the structure (€ 700)
The insurance reimburses the customer the deposit (€ 300 – deductible 10%* = € 200)

* if due


Maximum € 8,000 per insured

0 deductible in the event of death or hospitalization > 3 days
10% deductible on the amount to be refunded (deposit and any penalties) in all other cases

The deductible is always borne by the insured


The fiduciary isolation concerns confirmed cases of Covid-19 (positive to the swab), which must separate from the community and avoid the transmission of the infection in all ways. As this is in effect an illness, the case is covered by insurance.

Quarantine affects healthy people who have come into close contact with a positive and could potentially be exposed to infectious risk. Also in this case youa are covered by insurance.

Insurance coverage is provided in the event that an insured is unable to undertake or has to interrupt the trip:

a) Because he is found to have a high body temperature, even in the presence of a subsequent test negative for Covid-19;
b) Because the insured is positive result to Covid-19 even in the absence of symptoms or fever;
c) Because the insured has fallen ill presenting the symptoms of Covid-19;
d) Because a close relative or a member of the family unit of the insured has fallen ill with Covid-19 and it is necessary to be present at the home of the insured;
e) Because the travel companion of the insured has fallen ill with Covid-19 and the trip cannot be undertaken;

Insurance coverage is also provided in the event of quarantine of the insured or a travel companion by order of the Government or a public authority based on the suspicion that the insured or a travel companion has been exposed to a contagious disease ( including Covid-19 infection).
The need to be subject to quarantine must be adequately proven by official documents issued by the Authorities that ordered its execution.

The insurance coverage does not operate in the event of a quarantine that applies in general or extensively to a part or all of a population or geographical area or that applies in the place of departure, destination of the journey or in the intermediate stages.

The insurance coverage also does not operate if the insured cannot or does not want to undertake the trip because he is worried also as a patient at risk of an infection also due to an increasing number of cases in the holiday destination or travel destination.

In the event of a lockdown, closure of the borders or restrictions that limit the freedom of movement of Italian citizens, the policy will have no effect on any canceled trips, for which the Authority will have to provide suitable forms of compensation for paid and unused services. In these cases, the insurance premium paid (4.8%) will be transferred to the customer in the form of a voucher valid for 18 months, issued by the insurance company, which can be used for the purchase of future Stornhotel insurance.