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Who said everyone likes to ski? No, don’t worry, you are not the only one, in fact! More and more people are looking, just like you, for a different and relaxing winter holiday, far from the chaos and frenzy of the ski slopes, in search of silence and contact with nature! And I thought of you when I decided to write this post, to ensure that yours is an unforgettable winter holiday full of surprises …

5 things to do in Val di Sole if you don’t ski:

You have chosen the right country!

First of all, I congratulate you on your choice of town, Pellizzano is perfect! Yes because in a sense you are “far”, but not too far (3 km) from the departure of the ski lifts, so you avoid all the hustle and bustle in the morning and in the afternoon when skiers leave for the ski slopes and return. Furthermore Pellizzano is a mountain village, yes, but completely flat! Perfect therefore for practicing the many activities that can be done when you are not skiing, which I will soon show you …

Walk on the pedestrian cycle lane

The beautiful cycle lane of the Val di Sole, during the winter impracticable for bicycles, for obvious reasons, is still cleaned (in case of snow), so as to allow those who wish to take benefit of the faint rays of the sun, to make a walk in nature. We “villagers” make great use of it even in winter and from the Hotel Arcangelo it is easily reachable by crossing the wooden bridge over the River Noce, towards the historic center. The cycle lane at Pellizzano, whether you head towards Mezzana or whether you choose to go towards Ossana, is really very beautiful and easily accessible. There are some really special and instagrammable foreshortening, made even more suggestive with the snow fall, which you absolutely cannot miss!

Horse-drawn sleigh ride or directly in the saddle?

How about a romantic horse-drawn sleigh ride along the Val di Sole cycle lane? It starts from the Riding Center located directly on the cycle lane between Mezzana and Pellizzano and arrives in the center of the village of Pellizzano. A wonderful opportunity to admire meadows and woods from an unusual point of view. If instead you prefer to experience an even more particular adventure, my advice is to go for a horse ride, maybe immediately after a snowfall or if you are very lucky directly under the snowflakes … Beautiful isn’t it?

The Ossana’s cribs

Right here a few steps from us, there is Ossana, a village famous for the splendid Castel San Michele, but now also famous for another thing …

Well Ossana is famous for being the village of 1000 cribs, yes you got it right, 1000 cribs! Also this year from November 26 to January 6, an evocative journey awaits you to discover the nativity scenes made by the inhabitants of the village, among the stalls of the Christmas markets, which in the same period will brighten the streets of the village.

The fulcrum of all this splendid initiative will obviously remain Castel San Michele, the ancient medieval castle that can also be visited during the winter.

Walks with snowshoes

Another thing you absolutely must try to do if you don’t ski is walking in the fresh snow with snowshoes, or snow’s rackets, so called because they vaguely resemble the shape of tennis rackets. Snowshoes are an indispensable tool for those who decide to walk in the paths and in the woods, both when the snow has just fallen, so fresh and soft, and when that typical icy crust forms, so where without snowshoes we would slide.

Val di Sole in winter is not just skiing!

There are also many other activities that you can do in the proximity of the village of Pellizzano, very different from the frenetic world of ski slopes, but always beautiful and exciting to do, here you will find some other suggestions

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