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The Hotel Arcangelo is ready to welcome you again for your holidays in Val di Sole.

We have done everything possible to better organize your stay, giving you the opportunity to do lots of outdoor activities, thus allowing you to regain the time that was stolen from you during the lockdown.

Excursions, walks, organized activities, in the meadows, in the woods … Everything to be able to breathe deeply, this great feeling of freedom, which only the mountains can offer.

There has been some changes here in the hotel, which we would like to share with you …

What security measures will we take?

Check-in and stay in the hotel:

  • Check-in will be done online to avoid too close contacts at the reception;
  • In the hotel, disinfectant gel dispensers will be at your disposal in the common areas;
  • We invite you to use the lift as less as possible, it will be a further benefit to your body;
  • Every night we will completely sanitize the common areas;
  • Always a reason of pride for our hotel, cleaning will be intensified daily to sanitize and disinfect all critical points of contact;
  • Our whole team will wear the mask and also the gloves where it is needed. Each of us has received special training to be able to provide excellent service;
  • We ask you not to use the toilets on the ground floor in the common area, but only those in your room.


  • The rooms will be sanitized with a professional ionizer at each departure to give you a totally safe ambience;
  • Every day the rooms will be cleaned and tidied up with our usual care, airing them as prescribed in our procedures;
  • If you wish, during your stay, we will avoid rearranging the room and / or bathroom, guaranteeing only the change of sheets and towels according to the methods normally used;
  • All our staff will work in total safety to ensure maximum respect for you and the ambience where you stay.

Spa e Wellness:

  • Access to the Cueva, our Spa, has been authorized. Access to the swimming pool and sauna will be allowed by reservation only, as an exclusive service by the occupants of the single rooms or by groups of cohabitants;
  • Our beauty area is well organized to take care of you with special treatments in complete safety!


  • Access to our Buffet is allowed only to adults, with the obligation to wear disposable gloves and masks.

Some good habits for you too:

  • Ventilate your room as much as possible
  • Strengthen your immune system with some healthy movement outdoor by participating in our organized excursions
  • Wash and disinfect your hands regularly

We will try to do our best, of course we care about your health, but we also care about your psycho-physical wellbeing and for this reason we want that you remember your holiday by us together with the other unforgettable experiences of your life.

We are waiting for you!
Monica and all the staff

We are here. #AmazingHotelArcangelo


Our regulatory sources are:

  • Guidelines of the World Health Organization issued in March 2020 and subsequent updates
  • National Protocol “Safe Welcome” drawn up by Federalberghi (our National Federation) in collaboration with Croce Rossa and Bologna Polyclinic
  • “Secure Clean Hotel” operating manual drawn up by Teamwork Srl of Rimini, according to sources from the Ministry of Health and the WHO
  • Guidelines for the reopening of economic and productive activities drawn up by the conference of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces of Italy
  • Guidelines of Autonomous Province of Trento guidelines for the catering sector
  • Guidelines of the Autonomous Province of Trento for the hotel sector

Note: The contents of this Protocol are subject to change by reason of any new regulations